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Holmium Laser


HYP HO 35W : HYPHO 35W is  HO:YAG Surgical Laser with Unique & High End Specifications in this range of Holmium Surgical Laser. It has some Unique Features & Great Technical Specifications which makes it better than any Holmium Laser in this ange of Laser in market. It has following features:


  1. It is a light weight portable Surgical Laser with Windows based System Software.
  2. It has Maximum Pulse width upto 1900 mircosec. which makes it best machine ever in pure dusting of any type of stone with ease. Even the same pulse width is beneficial for Cutting a good size of Prostate tissue at low energy level.
  3. It has Minimum frequency of 3 Hz which helps to avoid the migration of Stone during fregmentation.
  4. It has Maximum Frequency of 30Hz which give great dusting & pop corn effects.
  5. It has maximum energy level upto 8 J which is highest worlwide in any type of Surgical Laser. Highest Enegry level helps to break any type of Strogest Stone.
  6. It has inbuilt Dusting Mode to have better stone dusting even at low frequency. Thanks to the highest pulse width upto 1900 us.
  7. It has Inbuilt patient data management to save Videos & Cliiping in its data file with all used settings during procedure.
  8. It has facility for online repair through LAN connections.
  9. It is AIR cooled system with great tempreture controlling circuit. 







UMS Dynamic


The urodynamic DYNAMIC modular system is designed for complete urodynamics of the lower urinary tract.Assessment records allows the doctor to determine the functional disorders of urethra and detrusor choose the correct method of treatment according to the type of incontinence. Urodynamic system is suitable for gynecological department, urological department, gynecology, urology clinic and private gynecologists and urologists.



Urodynamic & Uroflowmetry Systems



  • Uroflowmetry with EMG
  • Water cystometry & Voiding cystometry
  • Leak Point pressure
  • Bio-feed back study
  • Stress & Dynamic pressure profile
  • EMG
  • All types of standard nomograms
  • 3- Dimensional view of the Nomograms & Graphical Results
  • Video-Urodynamic

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